Employment opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment with 鶹Ƶ Schools.  We pride ourselves on ensuring excellent employee relations, providing a supportive environment, and maintaining a district focus on best practice.

We invite you to explore our current employment opportunities by clicking on the relevant link below.

Postings include administrativeDzپDzԲ,exempt staff positions, supportԻteaching staff positions, as well as teacher-on-callԻcasual supportDzپDzԲ.

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We also offer short-term teaching and community education contracts. Follow the links to view the current posted job opportunities for:

Contacts for Human Resources Information Services:

Executive Director of Human Resources Dz±ٴDz 604-517-6346 Email
ܳdzܰѲԲ–°ձ/峾 Ҵǰ岹Բ 604-517-6331 Email
ܳdzܰѲԲ–䱫ʷ/𳾱 Jane Boutilier 604-517-5920 Email
ٲԳ–²Ӱ°ձ/ձ𲹳پ貹ٳ ܱ辱 604-517-6306 Email
ٲԳ–̱ʷ/ܱǰپ貹ٳ Ჹٳ 604-517-6323 Email