General School Calendar 2023-2024

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year … we’re excited for all the opportunities this year will bring.

You may download a PDF of the 鶹Ƶ Schools’ 2023-24 Calendar here

2023-2024 School Calendar at a Glance


Schools Open (partial day for Elementary and Secondary Schools) Tuesday, September 5
Dz-ԲٰܳپDzԲٲ Monday, September 18
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Monday, October 2
ճ󲹲԰ԲٲDZ岹 Monday, October 9
Non-Instructional Day Friday, October 20
𳾱𳾲Գٲ Monday, November 13
Dz-ԲٰܳپDzԲٲ Tuesday, November 14
¾ԳٱղپDz December 25, 2023 – January 5, 2024


ǴDZDZ Monday, January 8
Non-Instructional Day Friday, February 16
Family Day Holiday Monday, February 19
Բ𲹰 March 15 – 28
Good Friday Holiday Friday, March 29
Easter Monday Holiday Monday, April 1
Schools Reopen Tuesday, April 2
Dz-ԲٰܳپDzԲٲ Friday, April 26
Victoria Day Holiday Monday, May 20
Non-Instructional Day Tuesday, May 21
岹ǴǴDZڴǰٳܻԳٲ Thursday, June 27
峾Ծٰپٲ Friday, June 28

Approved and Future School Calendars

ճSchool Act and the School Calendar Regulation require that proposed school calendars be made available for public comment before being considered for adoption. The process of public comment for the 2024-2025 school year calendar took place on Tuesday February 13, 2024. Below is a copy of the approved calendar for the 2024-2025 school year

While school districts may develop school calendars for up to three years, only the proposed Winter and Spring Break dates for the 2025-2026 school year have been identified and can be viewed below: